There are two buttons and two checkboxes under the Lister.





Print output:


Send the output to a printer. The maximum number of lines changes the step between speed units. Exactly how many lines are printed is displayed beneath the Maximum Number of Lines trackbar. Engine Speeds will attempt to print all the output regardless of the maximum number of lines. More lines mean the output is in smaller steps and the printer will be set to a smaller font to allow more steps to be printed on one page. It may or may not be legible. If the print is too small select fewer lines until the step value increases to print fewer lines per page.



Output HTML:


Create and display an HTML file using the default browser. The file name will be based on the Title of your project. The file will be saved in Engine Speed's drawer. The file is overwritten if it already exists.


As with Print, the Maximum Number of Lines determines the steps between speeds displayed but the font size is not reduced.




Check/uncheck this box to toggle between English and Metric the same as the Menu/Options/Metric toggle.




Check/uncheck this box to toggle Tooltips On or Off.

When toggling to Off the program must be restarted.