Engine Speed:




Minimum Engine Speed:


A Menu Item allows you to select from three different minimum engine speeds.


By default Engine Speeds expects the user to enter the minimum RPMs. Use the scroll gadget to enter the speed the motor idles (more or less.) You might decide that although the engine idles at 750 RPM it really doesn't make enough power until it is revved above 2000 RPMs. Or you may wish to conserve fuel and decide that 500 RPMs is your minimum.


Another Menu\Options\MinRPMs will set the minimum RPMs to 10% of the MaxRPMs. The minimum RPMs field will be inactive. It is useful when you donít actually know the idle speed of the engine.


The next Menu\Option\MinRPMs is redline from the previous gear. The minimum RPMs field will be active as it is used for Reverse and First.




Maximum Engine Speed:

Enter the maximum RPMs the vehicles engine can spin (redline.) Not much you can change here without expensive engine modifications.


Be aware that while mathematically the program often calculates a very high top speed it is unlikely that many vehicles will actually achieve the top speed displayed. Often top gear in a vehicle is designed to save fuel at highway speeds, not to set a new land speed record.

You can set a maximum vehicle speed to avoid displaying ludicrous speeds.